TORTORUM was formed in Bergen, Norway by Skyggen (guitars) in 2010, but the idea itself was born some years earlier. It was ALWAYS there.The driving force behind the band lies in the adoration of the Dark Side and hatred towards the weak and slavish religions,consuming in an abyss of disgust and mockery the fall of mankind with his rotten world and values.

In 2010 Skyggen recorded an instrumental demo which was for private use and a few specially selected individuals only.A few months later Barghest (vocals) joins the band. In May 2011 Tortorum entered the studio to record their debut album entitled “Extinctionist”, containing 9 hymns of furious and savage Black Metal.Skyggen recorded all guitars, Barghest – vocals, with Erik (session drums) taking care of artillery.

The album is due to be released on World Terror Comitee at the end of March 2012.

…and the Chaos is yet to be unleashed…

Genre: Black Metal

Skyggen – guitars

Barghest – vocals

Lyrical themes:Darkness, Misanthropy, Magic

Tortorum at Metal Archives

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