Genre: Black Metal

Blodspan – guitars
Nastrond – vocals
Skilnir – guitars

In the year 2003 the beast was awoken by Blodspan and some lower souls which failed to prove being strong enough for the coming storm. Relying on just himself he decided to put the beast back to sleep until he would be joined by individuals equal to his powers. With their help he should be able to channel the fury of the creature.
It took him almost 4 years to find allies he was satisfied with but in the end his choice fell on two promising souls: Nastrond and Jötunn. After initiating them into his circle the beast was summoned once more but this time bound to their will and the recently evoked medium was named SCHRAT.
SCHRAT is the raging fury of the woods. SCHRAT personifies the thoughts and feelings of its masters.

“Though we walk over the earth imprisoned in these bodies there is no feeling of being a part of this so called humanity. There is only disgust and hatred! We spit on your  self-made gods! We are eagerly awaiting the day the human race finally falls before the ultimate power!”

In August 2008 SCHRAT recorded the first album “Bestimmung-Raserei”. After the recording was finished the search for a suitable label began in order to keep the focus on composing, not on financial and marketing issues.
June the 10th 2009 finally saw the release of the first album “Bestimmung-.Raserei”. Since no satisfying deal with a label could be achieved, SCHRAT released the album on themselves.


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