The Stone

The Stone cult was raised in ’96, first being called Stone to Flesh. Demo tape called „Unveiled Evil“ was released in ’98 containing two demo recordings by the band and was sold out in about 300 copies. Debut album was recorded in ’99 and released a year later. Name of the band was changed in 2001. Following the release of 2nd full-length album „Slovenska Krv“, band got signed by German Wolfcult/Solistitium Records, who’ve also released the upcoming album/compilation „Tragom Hromoga Vuka“, containing demo recordings and 2 new tracks. Winter ’03/’04, „Zakon Velesa“, 3rd full-length album was recorded and released few months after. This marks the end of cooperation with Solistitium Records. Not long after that, band had the recording of their first EP „Čujete li, smeju nam se mrtvi…“ done and made a deal for its release on now-defunct Czech label Eclipse Productions.

Until then, band was seen live by audiences on some European festivals and during the occasional mini-tours, as well as in front of their homeland’s auditorium.

It was in 2005 when band got signed by Folter Records from Berlin/Germany, who releases their 4th full-length material „Magla“. Now starting to be fully recognized internationally band had some of the most successful mini-tours following the release and also high rating in written and internet media. Soon after that, re-pressing of debut record on Serbian label Grom Records, this time with different artwork, different album name, two bonus songs and a video was released. In spring ’08 band entered the studio again to record 4 songs for its first 10″ mini LP entitled „Old Wounds Bleed Misanthropy“. Two old songs were re-recorded, as well as some cover versions of Slayer and Master’s Hammer. It was later released on Diabolist Services Cult from Washington, US.

 5th full-length album „Umro“ was released in mid 2009 followed by short German mini-tour with Lugubre. At the same time, two more songs were recorded and used for a release of split 7″ EP with Italian band Kult entitled „The Ancestral Alliance“. A year later, massive European tour with Romanian band Negura Bunget followed.

 A new chapter of European darkness, titled „Golet“ presents THE STONE’s strongest and most mature expression up to date and will be out September 15th, followed by European tour with Inquisition. Stay tuned for this magnificent release and catch one of those mad stage performances on one of the following dates. Hell within.

Genre: Black Metal

Current line-up:

Nefas – vocal

Kozeljnik – guitar

Demonetras – guitar

L.G. – drums

Usud – session live bass

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