THE-ONE-black metal

Genre: Black Metal

Lyrical themes:Anti-Society, Anti-Religion, Self-Destruction

Country of origin: Greece

Location:Kremasti/Rhodes, (early), London, England (later)

THE ONE live at Celebrare Noctem

“I, Master” is a listen that is both unsettling and draining. The energy that The One commands is an incredibly evil sort that is underscored by a presence that is darkly spiritual. With the same off-color musicality that seems to be typical of Greek black metal in general, the band resurrects the immense power that the genre had in its beginning. “I, Master” is appropriately a title of domination, perhaps even to an elitist extent, and the entire mystery of the album only works to reinforce this opinion. For a release with such devilish impersonality, the music has to be outstanding if it’s to warrant repeated listens, but it seems apparent from the sheer intensity of the album that The One care very little about whether or not you give them any attention.


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