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Svarta is an Austrian Black Metal Band which has been founded by Nahtkra, Irleskan and Grim in winter 2009/10. After about a year of intensive songwriting, Svarta started performing live and released their first self-produced demo tape, including four songs, in June 2011.
Their debut album “Am Scheideweg” was released on 29th February and recieved consistently good critiques from the press.


Whiskey Ritual was born from the insane and convulsive brains of Dorian Bones (The Wraiths), Plague (Selvmord) and A. (L.O.S.T.). Soon the trio started looking for a drummer with the same thoughts as the band, finding within a few months Asher (Forgotten Tomb) who immediately joined the band. Whiskey Ritual was originally a side-project for each member, but it soon became a full-time band, venting the insanity and wickedness charachterising the band’s sound.
Prepare For Chaos!!

Whiskey Ritual Official/FB

Ewigeis are a German Black Metal Band from Bavaria. Name can be translated to: everlasting ice. The band name is artificial and not used this way in German.


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