Summer Solistice 2014

“It is one of the most intense mixtures in musick culture! Ancient highland traditions interweaved with love and favour for musick and spirituality!”

“Respect nature and the spirits of nature in any kind!
Live as noble man on your chosen path, don´t steal, don´t lie and don´t fear anything!!

The Speckjaga Society doesn´t accept any left- and right-winged attitudes! Our vision is healing and the benefit of all being!

The world is evolving and we are going a step forward. To survive this evolving process, our selfish, fanatical and warlike behavior must end!

Never stop living – never stop loving”


Bericht / Rotting


“may your survival ghost be always with you….”


 Sólstafir, Amenra, Hexvessel, Nidingr, Halo Manash, Arktau Eos, Bölzer, Wintarnaht, Drug Of Choice, THE ÄTH


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