Norwegian band based extreme underground festival 
100% independent – No sponsorings – 666 % metal and darkness !

Norwegian Hellcamp / FB

Livereport in LEGACY 93!

Bands/Running Order:


Slagmaur Official/FB

Twisted and sinister Black Metal. Multi layered and complex. What you hear depends on your mood. What you understand depends on your ability to understand and to explore. What you fear… Well, that will be revealed in the music.

Vulture Industries /FB

“Vulture Industries come across as complete oddballs. They are the mad hatter’s tea party irregulars with an “Alice In Wonderland” surrealist brand of dark metal cabaret”
„End days… Fimbulvetr… the cold, darkness of three consecutive winters; the sun and moon torn from the sky; the dead rising from their graves and poison filling the air – all-encompassing despair!

Sarkom Official / FB

„“A gathered stronghold of old nekro misfits made a morbid woe of creating a oppressive cult movement known as Endezzma,arising like a phoenix out of the ashes of Dim Nagel . The members of this cult wear the weight of decades of experience from the darkest corners and earliest constellations of the scene, uniting their negative forces against life.“
ENDEZZMA Official / FB
Den Saakaldte
„To be the way for expressing the paranoia, depression and alkohol influenced thoughts of the individual. Den Saakaldte as a meaning, stands for every person that is not or doesn’t feel a part of the „normal“ society.“

Den Saakaldte Official /FB

Aura Noir
Black Thrash Kings from Norway, est. 1993.
Piss off!

AURA NOIR Official / FB

„When talking about Black Metal people often fail to reserve a mention for Ragnarok who have been around for quite a long time now and are clearly experts at the art of creating and performing Black Metal.“



Taake is one of those black metal, which definitely have their own, unique and characteristic style and sound. Once you hear even a short fragment of their music, you just know it is Taake, if it’s not due to the specific production, which the latest albums of the band had, then it will be due to the characteristic style of riffing and arrangements or even for the charisma and vocal sound of Hoest – the leader and the only member of Taake.“

TAAKE Official / FB








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