Endezzma was founded during the grey tunes of the 2006 autumn. A gathered stronghold of old nekro misfits made a morbid woe of creating a oppressive cult movement known as Endezzma,arising like a phoenix out of the ashes of Dim Nagel . The members of this cult wear the weight of decades of experience from the darkest corners and earliest constellations of the scene, uniting their negative forces against life.

Endezzma transfer old atmosphere combined with eerie seductive compositions into what people want to rate or should rate as 1st class sublime nekro requiems!

The bands Mini album „Alone“ was released as a warning on what will hit the scene later when the „Erotikk Nekrosis“ album will seduce and abuse the scene and it’s pupeteers in one way or another, most likely and intentionally in a negative manner.

Like an old serpent with fresh poison Endezzma crawl the eerie filth of the world known as death!

Morten Shax – Vocal

Nihil – Guitar

Sregroth – Bass

Mattis Malphas – Guitar

Carl Balam – Battery

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