Dies Ater

DIES ATER (Latin, stands for a “black / fatal day”) is a german Black Metal Band preferring an atmospheric and melodic style to express their emotions and aggresions.

Founded in autumn ‘94 by Impurus (Drums), Nuntius Tristis (Vocals, Guitar); Obskur (Bass) and Torgrim (Guitar & additional vocals) this new formed band took their first steps in composing own songs. This lead to earliest release, the demo called “RABENFLUG” produced in Berlin at the Orkikiller-Studio in ‘96. The demo finally contained six tracks. DIES ATER signed a contract with the english label Mordgrimm.

In April 2003 time was right to release another full-length-album with massive and brutal sound, called “CHANTING EVIL”. Following their path of melodic and atmospheric black metal this longplayer represented the development of DIES ATER. Recorded in the MSP-Studio in Berlin (Martin Slechta) and mastered by Harris Johns at the Spiderhouse Studio this output supposed to be the most developed one. “CHANTING EVIL” was released on a new label: Neon Knights.

 In June 2003 Obskur left the band. Torgrim picked up the bass-part. For Live-events Ebonizer filled the gap on the lead-guitar. Another special output represented the 7″- Single “RAUSCH DER MACHT” which followed “CHANTING EVIL”.

 In November 2004 „OUT OF THE DARK“ a MCD was presented, including a cover-version of the same called song from the former Austrian musician FALCO. To give all songs the corresponding sound the band booked the Stage-One Studio of Andy Classen. Becoming more melodic and intensive this release shows that the band’s creativity was not limited to just pure black metal.

 In 2005 the german Label Strider Records rereleased to Debut Album „REIGN OF TEMPESTS“ in a limited Digipack Version. It took another two years until DIES ATER came up with a new output. Again, a change of the label happened, Twilight Production became the band’s choice. Autumn 2007 “ODIUMS SPRING” represents the latest release. Because of the good experience, Andy Classen (Stage One Studio) became the man behind the mixer once more. These new nine tracks of brutal and hateful expressions demonstrate that this band still has the fire for metal…

Genre: Black Metal

N.T. – Vocals , Rhythm Guitar

Torgrim – Vocals , Lead Guitar

Impurus – Drums

J.T. – Bass

Ole C. – Keys




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