Death, Darkness, Primordial Hate, Hell

Thorns – All instruments and vocals

Live line up:
Thorns – Guitar/vocals
Beast – Guitar
Tumulash – Bass
Bornyhake – Drums

DEATHROW is the solo project of Thorns, drummer of ACHERONTAS, FIDES INVERSA, KULT, FROSTMOON ECLIPSE, ex-NOCTERNITY, ex-APTORIAN DEMON, ex-GLORIOR BELLIi and many others. DEATHROW stands for the only purpose of creating minimalistic, old school Black-Metal. Not here to teach people how to play, not here to show people innovative music. Here you can find only darkness, in its purest and natural form. A distant echo of what once was in the glorious 90′s. Deathrow released 3 albums until now: “Primordial Lifecode” (2007, Iso666 Releases), “Gateways To Oblivion” (2008, Slava Satan), “Desolating Cosmic Intuition” (2011, Self Mutilation Services) plus various ep’s and splits. In winter 2014 Folter Records from Germany signed DEATHROW for the fourth full length called “The Eerie Sound Of The Slow Awakening” that will be released in may 2014. Thorns plays all instruments and vocals but he has a full line up to play live.

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