Death Doomed The Age VVK


Genre: Death Metal

Max Reif -bass, vox-, Martin Arzberger -git, vox-, Noel Sadji -git-, Florian Musil -drums-

Molokh was founded on 31st October 2004 by Martin Arzberger and Max Reif while performing a spontaneous Halloween live jam session. The main idea: massive, professional and true death metal.

After foundation Molokh passed self-finding phase, underground existence and musical experimentation. The product of this phase end of 2006 was an own produced demo CD “Molokh”.

 Shortly after, the full-length album “Feuertaufe” was recorded. But personal euphoria and live commitments with “Brutal Truth” and “Vital Remains” were stopped by the professional orientation of the band members. The project “Molokh” was put on ice – the idea never buried.

2012 the initial idea was reborn in form of a new CD “Praemonitus”. A new band organization, own management, private finance and strong music community relationship were reason enough to start a new phase in the band’s history. Molokh chisels its name into stone and profits from its origin, the capital of morbidity and death – Vienna.

MOLOKH – “praemonitus” 2012



Genre: Black Metal, Thrash Metal, Death Metal

I. Destroyer – Vocals, Executor – Guitar, Sinner – Guitar, Necroculto – Bass, Desecratör – Drums


 The Revenge Of Ketzer | Demo, 2005

Solitary Warrior | Demo, 2006

Wicthhunter | Demo, 2007

Satan’s Boundaries Unchained | Full-Length, 2009

Endzeit Metropolis | Full-Length, 2012


Ketzer – The Fever’s Tide



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