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Breed of Scorn

Breed of Scorn was set up in 2006 and was soon seen on stages from Bavaria to Austria. In 2008 the line-up was changed to the current one and completely new material was written. Breed of Scorn eternalised these songs on their debut EP “Zero Point Mantra”, which was recorded by V.Santura at the Woodshed-Studios. The Breed has already had the honour of sharing the stage with bands like Entombed, Brutal Truth, Jack Slater, Obscura, Agonize, Svart Crown, Disdained, Common Grave, Izegrim and Thorngoth. Right now Breed of Scorn released their new CD – Antitype.

Häring – Vocals, Gartner – Guitar, Grimm – Guitar, Kühlewind – Bass, Kühlewind – Drums

BREED OF SCORN – Trailer für die neue CD ANTITYPE HD




Augrimmer was founded as a one-man project by guitarist Nord in the autumn of 1998.

In the autumn of 2006, vocalist Satan and drummer Draug joined Augrimmer, and the project turned into a real band. Augrimmer recorded the vocal tracks for the demo in March 2007 and it was released in May of the same year. During the rehearsals for their debut album, the band decided to release an EP prior to the full album. The EP “Autumnal Heavens” was released via Northern Silence Records in January 2009. In September 2009 Augrimmers first full-length-record “From The Lone Winters Cold” was released. At the same time Seir joined Augrimmer. First as a live-member, later as regular member.

 In February 2011 Augrimmer recorded a song for a planned Split-Single with brasilian Black-Thrash-Massacre “Grave Desecrator” which hasn’t been released so far. In July and August of the same year Augrimmer recorded their second full-lenght to be released in the beginning of 2012.

Satan – Bass & Vocals, Nord – Guitars, Seir – Guitars, Draug – Drums

 Augrimmer – The Sad King Of Mankind




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